• Educate  Host educational discussions, forums, film screenings, trainings, and events related to Philippine history, culture, current events, and human rights issues.
  • Organize  Welcome youth, women, workers, professionals, LGBTQ, gender non-conforming folks, and artists to join and participate in our work and alliances to further advance the national democratic movement and build solidarity with other groups and women’s organizations
  • Mobilize  Take action on our campaigns in the form of marches, pickets, fundraising, solidarity trips to the Philippines, relief missions, lobbying, and more.

We host monthly meetings, gatherings, educational workshops, leadership trainings, events, rallies, and exposure trips to the Philippines. We also create new music, films, presentations and cultural art to raise awareness of issues affecting our community.

GAB LA - 1st BWO


  • Women’s Orientation to the National Democratic Movement
  • Philippine Society & Revolution
  • Human Trafficking, Migration, & the Labor Export Policy
  • iVOW to Fight Violence Against Women
  • Pinay Herstories:  History of Filipinas
  • LGBTQ: Understanding Queer Issues in Filipino Culture & History
  • Art Stenciling: The Right to Be Our True Selves

If you’re interested in requesting a workshop from us, contact us at gabriela.usa.losangeles@gmail.com

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