Over 4,800 Filipinos leave their homeland everyday in order to work abroad and roughly 70% of them are women. For a decade, batches of Filipino teachers have been trafficked by Isidro Rodriguez and promised jobs, salaries, housing, and bonuses. Over 300 teachers have been survivors of his trafficking scheme. We organize to win justice for these teachers and other victims of labor trafficking.

Through “Teach Them A Lesson”, we hope to push for the speedy resolution of specific cases of trafficking and highlight the gravity of the trafficking problem itself. We hope to make perpetrators accountable. More importantly, we aim to expose the government’s ineptitude and hypocrisy in the anti-trafficking campaign in the light of its continuing program for labor export.
GAB DC - Oct 2014
“Teach Them A Lesson” aims to raise awareness and broaden support for victims of human trafficking. It shall stress the need for unity and solidarity between victims and survivors, on one hand, and their allies and supporters, on the other hand, by highlighting the importance of our teachers in our personal lives and in society.

“Teach Them A Lesson” means forging the broadest global unity possible against human trafficking through various activities and actions that would link global participation from victims, advocates and supporters.

For more information:  www.facebook.com/TeachThemALesson

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